Kinky and Bizarre: 8 Facts About Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is revered as one of the greatest scientists of all time. Physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, alchemist and theologian, he is recognized in history for being the father of classical mechanics and discoverer of gravity.

But in his day, Newton was also known for other characteristics, including somewhat bizarre behavior and a personality that can be considered peculiar at best. Check out these 8 fascinating facts about Newton:

1 - Newton felt like a full time sinner

At the tender age of 19, the future mathematician carried a paper list of 48 sins for which he felt guilty. The "most serious" sinful transgressions ranged from impertinence to her mother to unclean thoughts and words. Stealing cherries, baking pies on Sunday night, “eating apple on His day” and beating his sister were also among the sins considered by him, who showed himself with a somewhat childish personality.

2 - He stuck a needle in his eye socket on purpose

Image Source: Reproduction / The Guardian

At that time little was known about the properties of vision and light. Curious, Newton embarked on his own detailed study of optics, acting as his own test subject and testing his eye with a needle. About the feat, he wrote in his diary:

I took the needle and placed it between my eyes and the bone near the back, pressing my eye at the end to reach its curvature. Then there appeared several white and colored circles ...

3 - He was a waiter

As a student at Cambridge University, Newton had to serve tables in the cafeteria. He was an undergraduate student who received financial aid in exchange for performing tasks. In Newton's case, she was a waiter and also took care of other students' rooms.

4 - He was a lonely guy

Some speculate that Newton suffered from mental illness (perhaps bipolar disorder) or autism. However, this fact is hard to know for sure, but one thing that is clear is that Newton was chronically lonely. This can be seen most clearly by the facts of his childhood and old age.

5 - He escaped the Great Plague

When a devastating outbreak of bubonic plague struck Cambridge in 1665, Newton and his university colleagues were sent home to confront the epidemic. But the mathematician who was born inside Newton made good use of his time, at which time he invented calculus.

6 - He practiced alchemy

Famous for his scientific genius, Newton also became involved in alchemy - a pseudoscience - and he wanted to achieve the goal of turning lead and other metals into gold.

7 - The apple didn't fall on his head

Image Source: Reproduction / Crystalinks

“Most people think Newton was hit in the head with an apple. But that's probably not what happened, "historian James Gleick told the Huffington Post. He claims that what may have happened is that Newton realized that the same invisible force that caused the apples to fall to the ground also affected the moon's movements. .

8 - He died a virgin

Newton never married, and although it is impossible to verify, it is widely known that he never had sex because he clearly hated women.