Is there a correct day to set up the Christmas tree?

Do you also have a feeling that Christmas is coming early and early? Malls, eager to win customers, end up launching their Christmas decorations in October! Not to mention when you find stores selling ornaments and garlands as early as September ...

The Christmas tree is one of the most traditional Christian symbols related to the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Catholic Church, it represents life, since during the winter of the Northern Hemisphere, when Christmas is there, the pine tree is the only tree that does not lose its leaves. We at Mega Curioso talk more about your story as a Christmas symbol in this article.

But did you know that there is a right day for you to set up the Christmas tree? According to all tradition, it has a number of meanings. The assembly of the pine tree should only begin on the first Sunday of Advent Time, which takes place four Sundays before Christmas itself. That is, by 2018 that date will be December 2 - can you wait until then?

By 2018, Christmas tree assembly was due to begin on December 2

Tree Preparation

But don't think it's just that day to come that you can go riding the whole tree at once, huh? “Until the second Sunday of Advent Time, everything is still very sober, even in Mass readings. It is only from the third Sunday that the Bible begins to speak of the birth of Jesus. This is the time, therefore, to intensify the decoration of the tree, ”explains Father Gustavo Haas.

The same goes for the crib: first you put the cave and then the ornaments and the little animals. Jesus, Mary and Joseph should only arrive at the decoration as close as possible to December 25th. Another detail for those who want to take traditions to the letter: the crib was created by St. Francis of Assisi to symbolize the humility of the baby Jesus - so sophisticated ornaments, full of lights, should be avoided.

Nativity scene should also be mounted gradually

And when should we take apart the tree?

That date everyone knows, isn't it? It is on January 6, also known as Kings Day. But do you know what this symbolizes? This is the date when the Three Wise Men, Melchior, Baltasar and Gaspar, arrived in Bethlehem and met the baby Jesus.

For the Catholic Church, it is on this day that expectations for Christmas, that is, for the birth of Jesus Christ, end. From there, the Magi took charge of bringing the news to all the peoples of the world and the church begins a new liturgical cycle.

Christmas period ends with the arrival of the Three Kings in Bethlehem


We want to spend the whole year looking forward to decorating the house with the Christmas tree and having it complete for only 10 to 15 days is very little, don't you think? So feel free to disassemble it only in June, if you prefer - the important thing is to celebrate the date as a period of reflection, not consumerism.

* Posted on 21/11/2016


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