There is a proposal in the USA for the creation of a galactic army

Well, dear reader, you read that right: there is a proposal that could be pending in the US Congress for the creation of a space army whose mission would be to protect the Earth against intergalactic threats. Sound crazy? According to CNN Nancy Coleman, last month, a US Armed Forces committee presented a version of its annual budget including the novelty, and the vote on this stellar initiative could take place in 2019.

According to Nancy, the version presented was approved by the House of Representatives Armed Forces Commission by 60 votes to one, and proposes the creation of a new Air Force arm - one focused exclusively on space missions. Among the official activities described in the document would be to provide space forces prepared to engage in combat that would allow their commanders to enter and win wars waged off Earth.

The problem, however, is that, as much as the idea of ​​creating an army of "Guardians of the Galaxy" sounds exciting, both the US Air Force secretary and the chief of staff are not very excited.

Air Force Space Command

That's because, according to Nancy, they believe that the proposal to establish a new force would be a complete waste of time and investment, since Air Force Space Command has been around - since the early 1980s - and has about 40, 000 people, including more than 25, 000 military personnel on duty and 14, 000 other contract staff.

Creating this new arm would only increase the expense and number of bureaucratic processes - in the already complex and expensive system in operation. So, of course, a lot of discussion must take place until this proposal is finally voted by Congress, and the possibility of its approval seems as remote as that of Earth going to war with an enemy from the far reaches of the galaxy.