Faith in humanity: Couple adopts 21-year-old cat abandoned because of illness

Tigger is an old cat who has already turned 21 springs

Old age has brought a host of problems such as kidney failure and tumors

This caused his owner to abandon him at a veterinary clinic.

Until Adriane Buisch showed up to rescue him

She wants to give Tigger a more dignified end of life

The beach was one of the old cat's favorite places, playing in the sand like a kid

“He's a sweetheart. We have fun because your body is 21 years old, but we swear your mind is only 2, ”said Adriane, who takes care of Tigger along with her boyfriend since last year.

They have created a Facebook page for Tigger, where they share everything they do for the feline to have fun with their little time left.

Is it or isn't it the most beautiful thing in the world?


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