Unusual family: female dog adopts two armadillos in the interior of Paraná [video]

An unusual family is forming in Guaporema, a small town of just over two thousand inhabitants in northwestern Paraná. The mother is Spark, a bitch who recently adopted two little buns, which earned the name Pancho and Panda.

Ortência Regina Alves, the creator of Faísca, says that it all started with a tractor accident that happened in a sugarcane crop. After seeing that the machinery had hit an animal, the husband of Orthodoxy, who operated the tractor, found the two armadillo puppies and took them home.

Once there, the little ones were welcomed by the dog who, even though she never got pregnant, started producing milk and breastfeeding the puppies normally. Veterinarians believe that Spark had a psychological pregnancy, which justifies the production of milk she gives to Pancho and Panda.

Wise nature

As you can see from the video above, the recommendation was that the animals be returned to the spot where they were found as soon as they were large and healthy. Then, sometime after the armadillos arrived, Ortência asked her husband to take the animals back to the farm.

However, they had to back down because of Spark's reaction: “One day after we had taken the puppies, the dog became very sick. I took her to a vet, bought medicine, changed feed, and nothing about her getting better. Only after we picked up the little polka dots and left them in her bed did she get better, ”reveals Ortência.

Now, living together again, those in charge of this unusual family report that armadillos are looking more and more like the dog: “They look like little dogs now. At least they are having the same attitudes. When my husband or I come home, they come running to sniff, lick our feet, ”shares Ortência with G1.

Since the animals were saved by Ortência and her husband, hardly any environmental agency will attempt to remove them from Spark's care. However, as they are wild animals, when they grow up they may need special care. Until then, the family hopes that the dog and her little buns can be together for as long as possible.