Modern Family: Male Penguin Couple Adopts Abandoned Cub

According to the BBC, a couple of gay penguins who live in the Wingham Wildlife Park zoo in Kent, England, are raising a puppy that was abandoned by their biological parents. According to the publication, Kermit and Jumbs - the foster parents - received the scorned egg, hatched it a month ago and currently take care of the little penguin together.

Some species of penguins form lifelong couples and often share care with their young. Usually, the ones who keep the eggs - keeping them warm and protected - are the males, while the females are responsible for searching for food until the egg hatches; then the roles are reversed and the father goes out to get food.

Modern Family

However, in the case of the zoo, the egg was originally spawned by a couple of penguins formed by Isobel and Hurricane. However, the male - uncooperative - refused to take care of the nest, and the female, with no other option, eventually had to abandon the egg to fetch food. Incidentally, this is not the first time a "shoot" has been abandoned by Isobel and Hurricane.

The other egg was also given to the gay couple, but the "adoption" ended up not working. However, this time the penguins managed to have the baby together and, according to the zoo staff, the family is doing very well. The team is very optimistic about the puppy's survival, claiming that Kermit and Jumbs are the best parents in the world.

Kermit and Jumbs met two years ago, when they were obtained by Wingham Wildlife Park accompanied by their respective females. But the two fell in love, abandoned their mates, and have since formed an inseparable couple. Although it seems bizarre that same-sex penguins decide to stay together, there are records of other pairs that formed and even bred puppies together.