Fanta creates first edible print ad in history [video]

This is certainly not the most common situation in the world, but in the future you may see people chewing on magazine pages as if they were enjoying tasty food. And if that really happens, you should remember Fanta, because the soda pioneered this task. In January of this year, the drink got a revolutionary ad on the pages of some UAE magazines.

It is an entire page that can be divided into many pieces and tasted like a real drink. The ad was created to show a new flavor of Fanta, which would have more orange than already consolidated in the market. As you can see in the video, people just need to take the edible page out of a protection - no one wants to get sick after all - and start experimenting.

As it is an expensive ad, there is no information that it was carried in a very large number of magazines, but it is worth a mention in Mega Curious for the pioneering. Can this fashion reach Brazil and the food advertised here? If so, what do you think should be the first major announcement to be made?


Readers informed us and we confirmed. There is already an ad similar to this one and it is here in Brazil. In 2008, Loducca created an edible ad for MTV. You can discuss more details about this at this link to the São Paulo Creative Club website.