Playful ghost almost kills scared father and children in playground

Scotty Denton was startled by taking his two sons to the playground to play on the swing: one of the car seats was swinging wildly, with no one on it. According to Denton, it wasn't windy when he shot the video on June 28 in Rhode Island, United States.

After watching the capiroto's swing swing for 2 minutes without stopping, Denton made a live video on Facebook, which has been viewed almost 6 million times! Many people believe that this is not a ghost, but rather the wind that hit the balance, since the only one moving was the one with the largest contact area.

Days later, Denton returned to the macabre playground to show that the swing was stalled - some haters even thought that the swing would be moving all the time. However, at the end of this second video, you can see a ghost "terrorizing" the park. Of course this time was a joke, but was the first video too? Record your conclusions.

Second video shows "clearly" a ghost