* # none has become a competitive sport in South Korea

The investigation was made by Vice, who interviewed the forerunner of the sport: a visual artist who created an event and saw success smile at her. Since then, several competitions have been held and she even waits to export the sport to other countries. Understand this story better:

In 2014, artist WoopsYang stated: "I was suffering from a burnout syndrome at the time, but I was extremely anxious if I was in a place with nothing to do, not being productive one way or the other"

In the midst of this nervousness, she thought to herself and took action: "We would feel much better if we did nothing in a group." This was the exhaust valve, if she couldn't do it herself, maybe others could help her out.

Then she opened a contest: several people gathered in a venue with judges and a series of rules that would eliminate people. This would make them work harder to focus and refine their ability to "do nothing" (or meditate, as you may call it).

And how it works? The event lasts 90 minutes and all participants who do not follow the "do nothing" rule are eliminated. If you sleep, it is eliminated. Did you find something funny and laugh? Deleted Did you use any electronic device you brought with you? Out

So in this environment there is no one talking, messaging, taking selfies, pacing ... People do absolutely nothing. Apart from the narrator who accompanies the live match and covers several strangers who have fun watching

If participants get uncomfortable, they can use signs to hydrate or go to the bathroom. And the judges keep an eye on everything. Anyone who thinks technology is completely banned is mistaken. To analyze the test, participants use heart sensors that are measured every 15 minutes to see if they are even "susse". Those with the most variation are eliminated. And so it goes until the end of the competition

Someone subscribe to something like this? Hey there is: The 2016 event, which took place in Seoul, had only 70 seats and over 2, 000 people signed up. And it does not happen on the weekend, not on monday morning (to add to the challenge!). Lol

WoopsYang even encourages them to go with their work clothes (be it a suit, a coat or a uniform), creating a complete contrast of peace in the midst of urban chaos, as events take place in open spaces.

This year's winner was a local rapper named Shin Hyo-Seob, who claimed he was "Very determined to win. I practiced at home."

There is a lot of research that says our brain needs recovery time to create memories. We need to disconnect. Could you do it? I'm sure that by doing * # none I could become champion. The only question is whether it is far from the small screen. And you?