FBI finds 'Frankenstein' style body in a US warehouse

FBI agents found 10 tons of frozen human parts as they stormed the warehouse at the Center for Biological Research (BRC), a company that brokered the donation of bodies for research purposes. The agents found 1775 pieces of human bodies, including 281 heads, 241 shoulders, 337 legs and 97 spines, according to Reuters.

The agents discovered piles of human bodies. Source: NBC News / Press Release

The operation took place in 2014 and was due to a national criminal investigation. New civil lawsuits against the company reveal even more horrendous details of the investigation, say The Arizona Republic and ABC15 Arizona.

Upon entering the scene, agents came across refrigerators full of unmarked human bodies, pools of blood and buckets full of limbs and heads. In addition to the numerous pieces, the agents witnessed an even more shocking scene: a head sewn to a different Frankenstein-style body that hung on one of the walls. Former agent Mark Cwynar described the scene as a "morbid joke."

Emily Glynn, a “lab” intern in 2013, told her experience at BRC. During the internship, she said she dismembered several bodies without receiving any specific training or instruction on proper procedures. She also says she "beheaded an elderly woman with what appeared to be a chainsaw sold in warehouses."

A common saw was used to cut the bodies. Source: Reuters / Press Release

The court documents even cite a price list for the different body parts. One knee, for example, cost $ 375, while a body without shoulders or head cost $ 2900.

Former BRC director Stephen Gore is being sued in a civil lawsuit by at least 33 people and will be tried in October.