Ferrari 250 GTO: The $ 35 Million Classic

(Image source: Reproduction / Bloomberg)

Not that machines made in Maranello are known for their low prices. After all, only a fairly select clientele can afford to keep a Ferrari in the garage, regardless of the model.

However, according to Bloomberg, a 250 GTO Ferrari - with only 39 units produced between 1962 and 1964 - has just become the most expensive car in the world after being sold to a US collector. for US $ 35 million (approximately R $ 71 million).

And this particular model, besides being very rare, was designed especially for the legendary British motorist Stirling Moss, who unfortunately never even competed with the vehicle. The Ferrari 250 GTO participated in only one competition - LeMans, in 1962 - becoming a collector's item soon after.

Source: Bloomberg