Finally discovered Peladão's identity of 'Friends'

One of the biggest secrets of the American series was the name of the actor who played Peladão in "Friends." The character lived in an apartment opposite Monica's and is quoted at various times during the series, gaining prominence in two episodes: on Season 8, where people believe he died and try to poke him with a stick, and on the 14th of season 5, when Ross tries to rent his apartment.

Huffington Post reporter Todd Van Luling spent a year contacting people who worked on the show and rummaged through various forums and messages until he came to Peladão's identity: Jon Haugen. And there is more! Luling even managed to talk to the actor, who confirmed that it was him playing the role.

“You really want to reveal to the world who the real Peladão is, right? There was only one Peladão, and it was me, ”Haugen said by telephone. In the scene where he talks to Ross, Haugen confesses that he was shy, but was wearing a boxer suit. “There were 500 people in the audience, but after a couple of minutes I was comfortable. We were wearing only a pair of underwear, but it looked like we were naked. David Schwimmer made me feel like his brother, ”said the actor.

Jon Haugen played the character that is very dear to fans of the show