Bill Gates Funding Helps Scientists Create the Perfect Condom

It is 2018, and information on sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptive methods is not uncommon. Condoms are the only means of protection that suits both cases, and even though they are freely distributed in Brazil's easy-to-use health clinics, many people continue to have unprotected sex.

This scenario may begin to change, however, thanks to an investment by the Bill Gates Foundation, which has sponsored the studies and production of a condom that is more attractive and may ultimately have a more positive appeal.

The study related to the new condom explains that it is composed of a thin layer of hydrophilic polymers that, when in contact with a lubricated region, make the condom slipperier and more sensitive to touch. Extra lubrication therefore means that you will not need to add more lubricant during sex.

Good news!


Still according to the researchers, normal condoms hold sexual lubrication for about 600 impulses, which is the average number of a sexual intercourse. The new condom, on the other hand, guarantees lubrication for 1, 000 impulses - which, let's face it, is really a big difference.

Mark Grinstaff, a research professor at Boston University, said in a statement published in Business Insider that condoms are a little slimy when dry but actually become slippery when they come in contact with water or body fluids: “You just need some fluid to activate it, ”he explained.

The new condom was tested by 33 people, men and women. Of these, 73% gave high marks for self-lubrication of the product. Among those who never use condoms, 86% said they would prefer a slipperier condom than the traditional one, and 43% said the availability of this new condom would increase their chances of becoming a regular condom user.

Clinical trials with couples to compare this condom with the usual condom should take place early next year. Then the product will go through the manufacturing and selling process. And you, what do you think of this idea?


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