They did 10,000 simulations to find out who will win the World Cup!

If you're not participating in any World Cup games yet, maybe it's time for you to get into one - with (probably) sure shots of potential World Cup champions. That's because UBS Group AG, a renowned Swiss financial company, decided to do no less than 10, 000 simulations on its supercomputers to predict which team will take Jules Rimet home. The result? Come with us we already tell you!

Brazilian supporter

(The Huffington Post)

Tips for the big guys

According to Will Martin of Business Insider, UBS staff employed statistical models beyond complexes - often used to perform financial or market risk analysis - and fed the systems with a host of variables, one of them being Elo Rating data, a method used to calculate (in this particular case) the strength of each team and how “good” they are relative to each other.

After 10, 000 simulations, the UBS machines pointed out that the team most likely to win the World Cup is Germany, with 24% of the total, followed not far by the Brazilian team, with 19.8%. chance, and by the Spanish team, with 16.1%. The fourth favorite is the England team, with only 8.5% probability of winning, well below the top three (according to computer analysis).

Germany team


Teams like Egypt, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Panama and Saudi Arabia have zero chances of taking the trophy home. Well, after the rout the Saudi team continued to take in their debut game against Russia, it seems that the simulations may have predicted even some odds! See the complete table released by UBS below:

Cup table

(Business Insider / UBS Group AG)

According to Will, the results of the analysis presented by the Swiss financial match the predictions of the leading bookmakers in the world - who have already defined the top three places as Germany, Brazil and Spain. However, it is never too much to remember that when it comes to football, although the quality of the teams, the individual talents and the technical level play very important roles in the match results, we can never disregard the luck factor! And you, dear reader, already have a favorite?

Spanish national team

(iNews / Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images)

Recalling that the financial giant Goldman Sachs used Artificial Intelligence to evaluate variables such as individual performance of each player, as well as their collective performance to predict who would win the Cup, and the result was that the Canarinho Team should bring the trophy. to our Brasilzão. And you, dear reader, already have a favorite?


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