Flor has toxins that can kill an animal of about 40 tons

Although it looks graceful, Larkspur monkshood is more dangerous than you think (Image source: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons)

In Alaska, whaling is commonly done by some villagers. And in catching these relatively large animals, a small flower catches the eye as a key piece: Aconitum delphinifolium, also known as Larkspur monkshood, is used by hunters to kill whales that weigh several tons - such as the whale. Humpback.

According to the iO9 website, to carry out “fishing”, it is part of the whaling ritual to mix the flower toxins with human fat and apply this combination to the spears. If the weapons fail to kill the whale on time, the Larkspur monkshood poison will do the work in a few days and the dead animal will be carried by the tide to land.

In China, flower toxins are used by warriors who see it as a powerful biological weapon, lining the arrowheads with poison. No matter where you are, this little blue flower is proof that looks can really be deceiving.