US Space Force Begins Gaining Body

US President Donald Trump announced last month the creation of the Space Force, the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces and a step forward towards the militarization of space and an alleged guarantee of US supremacy in this environment.

Now, the US attorney's team has been moving to bring the initiative to life, and according to a report by Defense One, the US Department of Defense has already begun to develop three of the four essential points for the creation of the Space Force:

  • A new combat command for space;
  • A new joint agency to acquire satellites for military use;
  • A new combat community to attract space operators from other branches of the country's armed forces.

Achieving such goals would be possible without the consent of Congress, which has not yet endorsed the creation of the Space Force. The last measure needed to get the idea out of paper, however, involves budgeting and facility building, which depends on congressional approval. This point should be discussed only early next year when the legislature decides whether or not to approve Trump's budget proposal for 2019.


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US Space Force begins to gain shape via TecMundo