Seahorse photo viralizes and exposes pollution risks

Last week, we showed some images that are competing in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, which featured photos ranging from an elephant to an Iberian lynx. Few clicks, however, caused as much commotion as a seahorse holding a cotton swab.

The photograph in question was taken by US Justin Hofman on Sumbawa Island in Indonesia. Hofman says he was diving south of Borneo when he ran into the graceful orange seahorse. Suddenly, a chain laden with human trash struck both of them, and the animal eventually clung to a pink swab.


Beauty and Chaos: The Dangers of Pollution

“It's a photo I wish it didn't exist, but now that I want everyone to see it, ” the photographer explained after the image went viral. He says he doesn't want any acknowledgment for the click, but only hopes that the unfortunate situation will open the eyes of the world's population when consciously disposing of its waste.

“If each person did their part, it would have a huge impact. We can't let our trash run out. We can put recycle just about everything. It's easy! ”Suggests Hofman. The image drew even more attention because on Saturday (16) was celebrated the World Day of Cleaning Beaches and Rivers, which serves to encourage the depollution of these areas, for the consequent preservation of native fauna and flora.