Fragments of the Russian meteor may be more valuable than gold!

After so many discussions about the fall of meteors and asteroid passages recently, we have come to discover that there are a few professionals in the world who are exclusively dedicated to hunting for fragments of objects that hit the earth. And it seems that this profession can really be quite profitable!

According to a news report from NBC NEWS, the recent fall of a meteorite in Russia is causing a real "treasure hunt". And no less! According to the publication, meteor hunters believe the fragments could sell for a few thousand dollars a piece. By the way, according to estimates, each gram of space rock can be worth up to $ 2, 200 (more than $ 4, 000), which is 40 times more than the gram of gold.

Treasure hunt

Image source: Reproduction / NBC NEWSAOnly the fragments collected by scientists from the Urals Federal University near the impact site - Lake Chebarkul - have passed tests that testify to their spatial origin. According to the researchers, these are 53 small, dark-colored rocky objects ranging from 0.5 to 1 centimeter in size. However, it is believed that larger pieces may have fallen into the frozen lake.

After all, after producing an 8 meter wide crater, and having its estimated size and weight at 17 meters and 10, 000 tons respectively, it is obvious that there must be many more fragments scattered around!