Vacation: 5 apps to broaden your knowledge in a fun way

The year is almost over and with it come the expected school holidays. After a lot of hard work, all young people want most is rest. However, it is possible to rest and practice learning in a fun way. With that in mind, here are 5 apps that promise both fun and teaching:

1. Verbling

At Holidays are the perfect time to catch up on the series and listen to that song on the trending list, but how about taking advantage of those moments to practice a language, taking the subtitle or the online translator? Verbling will help you with that! The app has over 3, 000 native and qualified teachers who will help you practice the new language. It enables learning accurately and effectively, with video lessons scheduled in advance. Watch online or download on iOS and Android. If you want to give someone a gift, Verbling is offering gift cards that can be used to learn any language!


2. Quizlet

Alright, alright ... when we think of vacations, studying is the last thing we imagine. However, this free time may be ideal for learning some subjects that interest you. Quizlet has study lists, diagrams and games from many different areas. With over 20 million users per month, you can use it online or download on iOS and Android.


3. Colorfy

Many people consider coloring a drawing extremely reassuring. Did you know you can use your phone or tablet for this? The Colorfy app was developed for Android and IOS and allows painting lovers to color plants and other drawings.


4. How to Make Origami

How about enjoying the holidays to learn the ancient Japanese art of origami? Ok, ok ... most likely by the end of the holidays you will still be in the early stages of folding, but gradually you will be able to make that little boat you always dreamed of. Or even more. How to Make Origami app is available for Android and IOS.

how to make origami

5. Peak

The Peak app provides a daily game list to exercise the brain in different areas such as memory, emotion, thinking and focus. It's great for those who want to be distracted by games and exercise the mind at the same time. Available for Android and IOS.


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