Fossil reveals 100 million year old spider attack

(Image source: Playback / VR-ZONE)

The image above shows the attack of a spider that occurred 100 million years ago, which was immortalized in a block of resin. According to the VR-ZONE website, the frozen time scene seems to indicate that the arachnid was about to "dine" a poor wasp when both were caught by a drop of sap.

According to the publication, the block was found in a mine in Burma, and was dated to be from the Cretaceous period, ie between 97 and 110 million years ago. In addition, it is the first fossil ever discovered to show a spider attack in full swing. The wasp probably got caught in the spider's web - a conclusion drawn from the presence of 15 filaments near the prey - and both species are now extinct.

Source: VR-ZONE