Chinese boy has cat eyes that allow him to see in the dark

The boy Nong Youhui was born different from other boys. When the child was still a baby, his father realized that there was something strange in his eyes, for the boy's irises contained a colorful glow between green and blue, something akin to feline eyes.

Concerned that something might be wrong with his son, his father took the boy to the doctor when Youhui was still a few months old. The diagnosis was not very accurate; After some examination, the boy was found to have a greater sensitivity to light (or lack thereof), but nothing exceptionally wrong with him. The doctors said there was nothing to worry about and that Youhui's condition would soon disappear as he grew older.

However, that is not what happened. Youhui has grown up and today, already in school age, maintains the same coloration in the iris and sharp sensitivity to light. His condition has attracted the attention of onlookers, and often the boy is asked to demonstrate the brilliance of his eyes and what they are capable of.

Lince's eyes

In addition to having a bright glow, especially when a flash of light is thrown at you, Youhui's eyes also allow him to see well into the dark. Among the tests conducted with the boy, he was asked to identify objects and answer questions in a totally dim environment.

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These beautiful clear eyes brought Youhui a skill, a gift, or perhaps a genetic mutation. Some doctors try to explain why the boy presents this differentiation and closely monitor his growth.

The boy's father has been quiet about Youhui's health, as the boy has no setbacks or adversity because of his condition. His only difficulty is seeing in the bright sun, which overshadows his vision, but this is not unlike the experience that other light-eyed people have on sunny days.

At school, friends have fun with Youhui's skill, and the boy has been given the affectionate nickname "cat boy." Check out his official Facebook page.