Lost cat travels alone 305 km and returns home

The couple Jacob and Bonnie Richter decided to travel to the Daytona International Race Track, just over 300 km from their city in Florida. Everything was fine until the moment Holly, the couple's kitten, was startled by the fireworks show that took place at the venue.

Terrified, Holly fled, and her owners sought her out for days, handing out leaflets and asking local residents for help. Time went by and the little animal was reported lost.

Exactly 62 days after the incident, a resident of Palm Beach Gardens, the same town where the couple who own Holly lives, found a cat in their home garden. The kitten was very thin and weak, but was fed by the resident and taken to a veterinarian, who scanned the animal using a microchip.

The Richter couple were warned that their pet had been found too close to home. Through Holly, she walked alone the 305 km that separated her city from Daytona. The vet who examined it considered the feat a miracle.