Kiss Gene Simmons Honored in a Soup Can

Alright, times are different and there are new people succeeding when it comes to music. What cannot be denied, however, is that classic names will always be remembered, whether you like it or not. So there's no point in going around saying you like rock music without hearing Robert Plant's shouting in front of Led Zeppelin, the Liverpool boys' yee-ye or the crazy-kissed faces of Kiss.

The face of one of Kiss's icons Gene Simmons, the lingarudo, recently appeared in a soup can of the American brand Progresso. It all started when Simmons posted on his Twitter account a positive opinion about the branded soups in question. A few days later, he received a personalized can of Progress soup.


Image Source: Reproduction / Kissopolis

The product photo with Gene's face - the outside tongue came in handy - was soon published by the musician on the same social network, as a way to thank the gift. What did you think of this idea? A beautiful tribute to the rock star or a clever form of free advertising?

The Mega Curioso team contacted Progresso, after all, just like you, we also want to know if other custom cans will be produced. We haven't got a response yet, but as soon as we have news, we'll update this post. Now do what you do best: go to our comment area and tell us what you think about this idea. And if you happen to want to hear some of the Kiss guys sound, here's our suggestion:


Progresso answered our question about soups and unfortunately, at least for now, there will be no production of cans in honor of the Gene.