Pizza Hut Manager Caught Peeing in Restaurant Sink [video]

According to the New York Daily News, the regional manager of Pizza Hut in West Virginia, responsible for six local units, was fired after security cameras at one of the restaurants caught the pig peeing inside the kitchen sink. . According to the publication, the incident occurred outside of opening hours, but this information does not make the situation less bizarre, does it? Check out:

The images were captured on January 29, and the sequence shows the manager apparently working at the computer before heading to the sink, unzipping his pants and letting it roll ... there, in the kitchen, in an area intended for prepare food. Also, after finishing, the man turns on the tap to get rid of urine and does not even wash his hands. Ew!

The unit was banned by local authorities, and Pizza Hut issued a statement saying it was embarrassed by the employee's behavior and apologized to all customers. And would you, the reader, return to a restaurant involved in a fiasco like this?