Google creates perfect app for mobile addicts

The gesture is automatic: you're having lunch and unlocking your phone to see if there are any unread notifications. If you have, click it and get lost in a maze of posts, news, messages and images and not even realize what you ate. Now try to remember how many times you do this a day. Impossible to tell. Because Google will help anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​how a mobile phone dictates our pace of life.

The most entertaining (and revealing) solution is Unlock Clock, which works as an animated wallpaper in experimental format. It counts how many times you unlock your phone daily (obviously, if you live with the smartphone active, the number will be small, but you can understand the spirit of the thing).


For you to feel guilty and stop turning on your phone for nothing (Press Photo / Google)

We Flip (something like "Turning the Switch Off") creates a group that disconnects from the technology together, simultaneously activating a large switch and setting their phones to "Do Not Disturb" mode. Desert Island lets you choose the really essential apps for your day, hiding all the others. You can check out more details about these apps in this full article.

Google creates perfect app for mobile addicts via TecMundo