GoPro: Watch an amazing slow-motion fire-breathing scene

The bullet time effect is known to movie buffs on duty as that slow motion movement featured in the movie "The Matrix." The character Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, discovers that he is capable of dodging bullets, and the scene shows how he does so by extending the timing of the action, to the point where we see the shots slowly approaching him.

This recording feature utilizes a high-speed image capture process with a higher frame rate per second. So when the sequence plays at normal speed, we have the slow motion effect on the screen.

With GoPro cameras, the effect not only gains incredible image resolution quality, but the versatility of these devices allows for unusual and creative recording.

A new GoPro ad shows just that. In the clip below, we can see a fantastic scene of a bullet time slow-motion fire breathing out a huge flare from his mouth. With images recorded at different angles, the advertising piece has a fantastic result, leaving our jaw dropping.

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