Graphic shows who are the richest guys and villains in fiction

Everyone knows that the riches of fictional characters don't exist, but that's not why we can't make a creative effort and imagine which one would have the greatest fortune of all, right?

That was just the idea the guys at Dorkly had. They decided to put the richest among the rich on a chart to see who is the king of the mountain (money!) And took the opportunity to determine who are the biggest good guys and the worst villains among the chosen ones on the list.

And who would say that the richest fictional character of all would be Santa Claus? Yes, it makes perfect sense, after all he "theoretically" gives Christmas presents to everyone. And the way everything is becoming more and more expensive, just having an infinite fortune to do the job, and a lot of kindness in the heart.

Just behind the good old man is Uncle Scrooge, with his fortune valued at the four-billion-pound coin. It is so much coin that the duck can even swim in them, which are stored inside its famous vault in Patópolis.

And closing the podium, the meanest and third richest character is the dragon Smaug the Golden. Anyone who has watched The Hobbit's second movie must have seen how much gold the lizard has at its disposal. Although, stopping to think about it, we believe that there would be enough coins there to fill countless tycoon duck vaults, no?

And you, dear reader, do you know of any more rotten rich characters that should have gotten into this chart? And is he / she good or evil? Share your thoughts with us in our comments section below.