Ranger is almost strangled by python during selfie

Last Sunday (17), a 10-meter-long Indian python was spotted by villagers after she killed and ate a goat. As the snake was in an inhabited area and near a school, people decided to call the ranger Sanjay Dutta to capture it. Dutta quickly complied and gave a lesson on how NOT to act on animals of this kind.

Already dominated by the snake and probably being the hero in the small town of Jalpaiguri, Dutta decided to put the snake on his shoulders and pose for selfies. The problem was that the snake was not very willing to make a book and wrapped itself around the ranger's neck, squeezing its throat and causing a small commotion among those present. Check out the video:

Dutta turned away from the crowd, which began to run. At that, the snake's tail escaped from his hands and began to tighten its neck further. It is possible to hear, in the local language, that he asks someone to hold the "tail" of the animal, until it escaped the attack and said that it was "all right".

One study showed that half of self-related deaths happen in India. The case in question did not end in fatality only because the ranger, despite the mess, kept his cool and did not panic. The animal was released into a forest of the region, its natural habitat.


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