Reader Story: The Difficult Reality of an Inventor in Brazil

Throughout human history inventions have played a major role. After all, just about everything you come into contact with daily, one day, was still just an idea in the mind of an average person. Here at Mega Curioso we love the creations and stories of the most varied inventors in the world. If you do a search on our site, you'll find accidents that worked, unnecessary bizarre things, and great old ideas that are still popular today.

About this, one of our readers, Paulo Gannam, is an inventor and sent us his story. Graduated in Journalism, approximately 5 years ago he began his journey along the Creation Trail. Among many ideas and attempts to get them off paper, he says that he had many difficulties over this period. Research and conversations with people in the field of intellectual property have made him give priority to four projects that he is currently awaiting for patent registration.

Inventor, Paulo Gannam struggles to make his ideas viable

Studying the subject and seeking his place in the sun as an inventor, Gannam tells us how complicated the registration process is and takes an average of 10 years to complete - time that may be enough for your idea to lose its usefulness. "Therefore, in most cases, the best way is not to wait for the patent to be granted to launch the product on the market, " says the creator.

Gannam further comments that it is permitted by Brazilian law, under a contract, for the inventor to obtain a license to exploit his patent. That is, all the investment and work is done with the expectation that the registration will be issued. “Investment is viewed as a risk, strategies are devised, and legal and commercial efforts are made both in case the patent is granted and if it is denied, ” he explains.

Among other difficulties, the journalist cites the lack of support and government programs, as well as the limitations imposed on creators by the legislation in Brazil. However, he points out as the biggest complication the dilemma the inventor faces: waiting for someone to buy his idea or deciding to be entrepreneurial and proceeding autonomously.

Paulo holds prototype of one of his creations: offline communicator between automotive vehicles

In the second case, the person needs to believe and struggle to prove that his creation is really profitable and can help society in some way. In this sense, Paulo Gannam decided to face the fight alone, betting on his projects and showing them to the world. After hard work finding a trusted developer, he was able to continue some of his ideas.


One of Paulo's creations is the car side parking sensor. The idea seeks a way to help people avoid curbing the wheels with the curb, a function that is not performed by similar devices today. In the video below, he appears in a program explaining how the device works. Gannam was able to develop a prototype of this sensor. Click here to see the device in operation.

Among Paulo's other creations waiting to be registered are a system of simple offline communication between automotive vehicles that seeks to improve traffic; a 3-in-1 nail file, which not only performs the main function but also allows you to sand the nail surface and gives shine; and finally a finger protector to help nail biters.

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