Man is forcibly removed from the crown of the coconut tree in which he lived for 3 years

In 2014, 44-year-old Filipino Gilbert Sanchez ended up in a fight and had a serious head injury. After that, he was afraid of being attacked again and lived on top of a coconut tree almost 20 meters high! He has spent the last 3 years up there, going down to nothing until he was forcibly removed by the authorities.

The unusual case took place in La Paz village in Agusan del Sur state of the Philippines. Sanchez received daily water, food, and cigarettes from his mother through a rope. However, he never answered the matriarch's calls to get down from the coconut tree and lead a normal life.

Friends and other relatives also tried to get Sanchez to change his mind, but he was not shaken. Not even the heat, the mosquitoes and the storms could change his mind. Winifreda Sanchez, his mother, would at least ask him to come down to take a shower, but the man would not heed. Even physiological needs were made from above.

Gilbert Sanchez

Gilbert Sanchez, 47, refused to come down from the coconut tree

Sanchez lost his wife in 2000, who died during the birth of their second daughter. Winifreda even appealed that she was too old to care for the teenagers, but Sanchez didn't even want to know - he was afraid of being chased and killed if he came down from the tree!

Its history was well known in La Paz, but it had to fall on social networks for the authorities of the country to take action. On October 11, about 50 people gathered in the village to rescue the man, who was forcibly removed from the coconut tree canopy. According to a medical assessment, Sanchez suffers from psychopathy, delirium, hallucination and fear. After descending from the tree, muscle atrophy and several insect bite wounds, as well as deformity of the spine, were noted. He is still on medication, and Winifreda has received assistance from the government and NGOs.

Watch the moment of redemption: