Man wakes up without penis and says he can't remember what happened at night

Who has never gone through this before they throw the first stone. Geraldo Ramos, a 64-year-old Dominican gentleman, told the local television network that he drank a little more and has no recollection of what happened at night.

Many people go through similar events, or at least they have heard stories of people losing consciousness, fiascoing, forgetting their wallets and documents, or being robbed when they are defenseless for too much alcohol.

Geraldo's case, however, went further. When you woke up the day after your fateful drunkenness, you realized that - mere detail - you were missing your penis. According to witnesses, he was attacked by a dog while drunk and taken to a hospital to treat the injury.

In the video below, you can check out Geraldo's report and the article made by Noticias Sin.

Geraldo says he has no recollections of the dog's attack, but vague memories of being taken to the emergency room. The alleged dog that ripped off the Dominican member was no longer found.

After the incident, Geraldo said he will never put a drop of alcohol in his mouth again. A little late to make such a decision, right? Now that the damage is done, perhaps taking a few gulps would help withstand the pain of loss.