Man appears at his own funeral to prove he was alive

Retired Manoel Romão's 67-year-old family had a turnaround: while mourning his relative's death and preparing to bury him, Manoel appeared alive from the bush in his own funeral. The case took place in Piripiri, in northern Piauí, on Saturday afternoon (26).

The misunderstanding occurred because Manoel had been missing three days ago when the family was informed of an unidentified cyclist with the same characteristics as him who was run over. The relatives went to the IML and, since the victim's face was somewhat disfigured, they thought it was Manoel.

The confusion was only undone at the time of the funeral when a family friend said he had seen Manoel Romão recently and that he was alive. Given this information, the nephews and children of the false dead went to the informed place and returned to the cemetery with their arms around him. The "deceased" appeared at the right time: as the video tells us, the coffin had already been placed in the grave and was receiving the first shovels of earth.

“It was a joy, everyone rushed to hug him, ” said Manoel's sister about his arrival at the funeral. According to her, the brother has psychological problems and has a history of alcohol abuse, making him have the habit of leaving home and being away for days without news.

Via InAbstract