Man builds giant aquarium in which he can even dive

Eli Fruchter has always been in love with aquariums and decided to build a giant in his living room.

The building has become the largest indoor aquarium in Israel where Fruchter lives, and probably around the world.

The aquarium has a capacity of 30, 000 liters of water and is large enough for a person to dive in.

Fruchter filled the place with over 150 fish from 30 different species and created a true rainbow of coral.

The filtration system is also opulent: it is 6 meters below the tank and has 4 pumps that filter up to 24, 000 liters of water per hour.

Eli Fruchter was CEO of a company that sold for $ 800 million, so he has the clout to keep something so exorbitant.

The giant aquarium project started in 2012, but so far is under development. And it will be a few years before the corals are fully established in the new home