Man says he owns the longest eyelashes in the world - see and give his verdict

When it comes to a record, we know we can expect everything: we have the Chinese driver who, until proven otherwise, is the most incredibly skilled in goal, just as we have seen how the meeting between the most experienced men went. tallest and lowest in the world, not to mention, of course, when records reach the animal world - in which case, how about the 155 kg wild boar caught in the US?

The fact is that these records always draw attention, and today we are going to talk about a Ukrainian from Kiev who apparently has the biggest eyelashes of all time. Valery Smagliy is a 58-year-old man who not only resolved to share his huge eyelashes with the world but also to say that his striking look exists thanks to a secret culinary recipe.


Smagliy claims that his eyelashes began to grow after he underwent a drastic change in his diet. Believing that this can still make her a lot of money - many women are keen to increase their eyelash size as well - Smagliy keeps her hairy recipe under lock and key.

According to him, the good side of sporting these locks on the eyelids is the attention it gets from women. Still, now that he has shown his powerful eyelashes to the world, this Ukrainian who definitely goes unnoticed has decided to trim his hair. Apparently, not everything is a flower in this life of giant eyelashes.


"No matter if it's male or female, most people don't seem to pay much attention when I'm talking to them because they are always looking at my eyelashes, " the Ukrainian reported in an interview published in the Daily Mail.

And that's not just what bothers Smagliy. He also complains about the extra weight that the giant eyelashes give to the eyelid, which eventually makes the region sore and, of course, disrupting vision. The truth is, the lashes just haven't been trimmed yet because Smagliy wants to record his Guinness Book record before and thereafter have an official say-whose measure.

The largest eyelashes presented by the Book of Records are 6.99 cm - the record was made in 2007 in the USA. Are Smagliy's eyelashes even bigger? Until he can measure his eye hair, the suspense is in the air.