Man who has been dead twice reports what it's like to go for the better

You may have heard many stories of people who were considered dead for a few minutes but eventually came back to life after a while. In most cases, these patients report that they have experienced a kind of blackout. Recently, a more intense account of this kind of experience was published on Reddit and eventually caught the attention of the world.

Although dying is our only unbeatable certainty, it is bizarre to imagine that we have no idea what death feels like. Is there, after all, a sensation? Is it as if we are falling into a bottomless pit, in the Alice style, or is dying like sleeping?

This guy's report was taken seriously precisely because he was "dead" twice - for about two minutes each time. The first time he experienced death, he was the victim of a motorcycle accident; In the second, there was an overdose of painkillers.

Deep sleep

According to him, the feeling of death is a kind of emptiness, when the mind is neither aware nor able to feel anything. “Both times I just 'wasn't there, '” he summed up. The feeling, according to the account, could be compared to a dreamless nap, but in a deep sleep, the kind one believes to have slept for a long time upon waking, though only a few minutes have passed.

The “deaths” mentioned in the report, according to the user, were confirmed by the doctors who attended him. "If the doctors hadn't said anything, I would have thought I'd had a dreamless nap, " he compared.

About the feeling of being about to die, the user said that the first time he felt it was at the time of the motorcycle accident: "the only thing on my mind was 'oh, m $% & a!'. Already the second time, when “died” from overuse of medicines, the description was different: “The second time I had no idea. I was in pain and suddenly I had nothing, simply lifeless. Then I woke up in pain again. ”

Without fear

The statement also included a description of the feeling of being dead for a while: at first the user said he found the news exciting, but when he thought about it, the seriousness of his case startled him. The good thing, he says, is that his fear of death has diminished, after all he knows that dying is like sleeping. "When you die, you just cease to exist, there's nothing to worry about!"

In the religious aspect of his experience, he revealed that he has always been an atheist and continues to be sure that God and Paradise do not exist. Still, he makes clear the importance of respecting each person's belief. “People need to stop forcing their beliefs on others, ” he says.

“No personal achievement will matter to me when I'm dead, the only thing that will live after my death will be my impact on people who stay alive. And I hope this impact is positive, ”he said.