Man drove the equivalent of 120 laps in the world with a 1966 car

You have noticed that people buy cars very easily these days, right? Another interesting fact: As cars have their prices quickly devaluated, it is common to buy a car already thinking about the sale and purchase of the next.

And it is because of this constant buying and selling of vehicles that a story like that of American Irv Gordon, who spent a lot of time with his powerful, a Volvo 1800 S, is so interesting. He has been with the car since 1966 and, apparently, will continue for a long time with the vehicle.


Image Source: Playback / AutoSports

Gordon and his 1800 S have already traveled 4.8 million kilometers, a distance of 120 laps around the world. The achievement was marked in the only US state Gordon not yet known - Alaska - on the 18th.

"It was not so much for the sake of reaching the mark, but for the trips I made in order to conquer it and what I have experienced so far. I never had the goal of 1 million, 2 million kilometers driven. I just enjoyed driving and enjoying the life with my Volvo, ”said the vehicle owner in a statement published on the Auto Sport portal.