Man has amputated leg and decides to make lamp with own limb

Dutchman Leo Bonten (53) has decided to fight for the right to build a type of LED lamp using his amputated leg as a support, reports the Mirror website. After securing membership, Bonten contacted a designer and conservation expert. The invention was built and even put up for auction with eBay for € 100, 000, but was eventually taken down due to violation of online space selling policies.

The accident that culminated in the leg removal occurred in 2012, the year Bonten, after being pushed by a friend in a swimming pool, was seriously injured. The man underwent numerous surgeries over the course of two years. A bacterial infection, however, compromised his leg - which required amputation surgery.


Once operation was no longer an option, Bonten soon had the idea of ​​making his leg a lamp holder. The Dutchman intended to sell the curious piece of decoration and then buy a mechanical prosthesis. “I would also like to create a foundation that would help people who have had amputations and 'showing the world' that our lives don't stop when we lose a member, ” he explains.

Importantly, hospitals responsible for performing amputation surgeries have a duty to cremate the removed limbs. Bonten got the possession right over his leg only after filing a very private action and therefore claiming that right. “I know I'll never be able to run again, but having my leg helps me deal with the idea of ​​loss - particularly if I can sell it to buy a prosthesis, ” he says.

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