Man tries to capture a python but it is the snake that captures him

This "kill the snake and show the stick" story does not always prove true. By the way, almost the phrase is reversed last October 15th in the southern Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, where a man narrowly escaped death after being strangled by a three-meter-long python snake.

Distressing images show how locals struggled to untangle the reptile wrapped around the man's neck.

The mortal hug

The worker, identified as Bhuvachandran Nair, was cutting bushes in a dam when the snake wrapped itself around his neck. Two villagers tried to save him while Nair held the reptile in one hand and tried to push his tail with the other. The rescuers were able, after much effort, to pull the snake out while dozens of people filmed the scene.

The three then managed to put the snake in a bag as soon as the rescue team arrived to resolve the incident. The snake was placed under observation and then released into the forest.

Nair's explanation

Nair explained that while weeding we hit an object that he thought was a rope. As he approached, however, he realized it was the three-meter snake and decided to rescue it. But the snake, who didn't want to be rescued, was smarter and slid down the man's body, easily reaching his neck.

After the incident ended, everyone dressed in their best clothes and posed for selfies to perpetuate the moment. At that moment, the python once again proved that it has no sense of humor. Here's your reaction to the shoot: