Man stumbles on wasp victim with second most painful sting in the world

Presenter Coyote Peterson is known for putting himself in situations that most people do everything to avoid. It is intended as a guinea pig in the scariest ways possible so that you can give feedback on each of these experiences.

Alligators, snakes, scorpions and bees are some of the animals that were already part of their experiments, and the most recent one, released just one day ago and with almost 3 million views, was basically the victim of the well-known hawk tarantula wasp. for having the second most painful bite on the planet.

Leftover Courage

After taking the bite, Coyote screams in distress and throws himself to the ground, saying it is the most intense pain he has ever felt in his life, to the point of not being able to move the arm that was stung. In the video above, if you want to go straight to the guy's experience, skip to 9:39.

As the pain spreads, he says he can barely speak. The camera says he is scared and asks if there is cause for concern, and Coyote says no, as he howls and attests that the pain is unbelievable and is spreading throughout his body.

The presenter's arm becomes swollen and feverish within moments. At the end of the experiment, Coyote says: The pain is really intense, but he says he is ready for the next challenge. Would you dare to participate in something like that?