Seniors Discover New Use for Condoms in South Africa

Arthritis is a very common inflammatory disease in the elderly, and the main symptoms include pain, redness and joint swelling. There is no cure for arthritis, but it is possible to have a good quality of life with medical monitoring, physical therapy and exercise - even better if they can be done in a pool.

In South Africa, however, the treatment seems to be different. Many seniors claim to have immediate relief from the pain caused by arthritis when using condoms. The method, until then considered ideal only as contraceptive and to prevent the transmission of diseases, seems to have one more positive function.

These elderly reported that the lubricant contained in condoms, when in contact with the skin, causes immediate relief. It is therefore a kind of ointment. In Africa, free distribution of condoms is very large, as 10% of the population carries the HIV virus.

Researchers and doctors say it is still unclear how this relief described by the elderly happens. Elizabeth Moyo, one of the patients who uses lubricants, said this is her favorite treatment and she is tired of pain pills. On the other hand, experts say they are concerned about misuse and “waste” of the product. So what do you think about this?