Optical illusion in wall photo is a big hit on Facebook

Answer fast: what do you see in the image below?

Just a wall? So see a little more!

The optical illusion photo has been published on Facebook by Arron Bevin and is going around the world! Let's zoom in to make it easier

Now it's soft!

Many people have trouble seeing the cigar right away - it took me about 30 seconds - so the image is being shared so much

There were people who added a shadow to more easily see the "hidden" object

If it's not clear to you yet, see again

Now there is no doubt, right? What looks like a pebble is the lit end of the cigar, which is stuck in the wall

Now you will never be able to unveil the cigar




How long did it take you to see the hidden object in the photo? Comment on the Mega Curious Forum