Amazing images let you see how hummingbirds drink nectar

Hummingbirds are incredibly fast, right? So fast that in order to be able to observe their wings in motion, it is necessary to film these birds with equipment capable of capturing scenes in super slow motion. And just like that so you can keep up with the speed of the animals! After all, our eyes can't register the action of their wings, which reach 80 times per second during normal flights or up to 200 times when they dive into the air!

In fact, it's not just your wings that are super light. Hummingbirds can reach speeds in excess of 55 kilometers per hour during direct flights - and more than 70 km / h depending on the maneuver - not to mention that their little hearts beat 1, 200 times when they are in motion. For with this data in mind, can you imagine how quickly these delicate birds drink water and plant nectar?

For the folks at National Geographic recently released startling images that reveal how hummingbirds suck nectar and, in addition to the incredible scenes, the effort involved in capturing the action was immense. Watch the following video:

According to the folks at Twisted Sifter, the sequences were recorded by photographer Anand Varma, who has a background in biology and therefore spends much of his time clicking animals. Varma used specially modified high precision cameras to record the scenes and spent years planning the capture. Not to mention the months he spent building smoke-producing machines and training hummingbirds, and the several weeks of work to capture the images that resulted in the beautiful video you saw above.