Amazing: 360 degree rainbow is spotted in St. Petersburg

Did you know that, under certain circumstances, it is possible to see rainbows that form complete circles, that is, 360-degree arcs? As we explained in a previous article here from Mega Curioso - which you can check through this link - they are produced in exactly the same way as conventional rainbows, that is, when sunlight hits the water droplets present in the atmosphere, which, in turn, function as a prism.

In fact, we have to reveal a secret about rainbows ... they are circles, but they are seen as semicircles simply because we see them not far from ground level. Thus, arcs that form complete circles can usually only be seen when the viewer is at high altitudes. This is the case of what appears in the video you can see below, captured in St. Petersburg, Russia. Look:

According to El PaĆ­s people, the images were captured at about 450 meters high by a worker standing on top of a crane being used to build a skyscraper called Lakhta Center. And have you, dear reader, ever seen these rainbows - or, better yet, had the opportunity to observe one of these with your own eyes?