Amazing! This bank knows very well how to please its customers [video]

One of the most viewed videos here at Mega Curioso was about an airline that decided to present its passengers last Christmas, remember? The point is that when advertising campaigns bet on exciting content, the result turns out to be very positive.

The video you will see below was made by TD Bank of Canada, which decided to thank its customers in a simply fantastic way. On July 25, everyone who went to an ATM at the network received a $ 20 gift bill. If the whole thing stopped there, it would be awesome, but there was more. A lot more.

The campaign, titled “#TDThanksYou, ” something like “TD thanks you, ” picked a few luckier customers who were surprised at ATMs with gifts, larger amounts of money, flowers, and even airline tickets.

These lucky people were selected by managers who knew them well enough to know how and where they invested their money. This information was used at the time of surprise. To attract these specific people, the bank asked them to try out a new ATM.

As they approached the cashier, they came across a machine that talked to them and presented them with flowers, money, and, in the case of Toronto's Blue Jays baseball card fan, T-shirt, cap, and breaking opportunity to meet the player José Bautista. He was also invited to make the first pitch in his heart team's next game. Ever wondered if it happened to you?

There was also the lady who got tickets to visit her daughter who has cancer and had recently had surgery. “She (your daughter) is a lucky woman to call you mom, ” said the friendly ATM.

Speaking of mother, there was also Christine Todd, who was never able to take her children to travel on vacation. She won a all-paid trip to Disney and a $ 1, 000 Canadian check to invest in boys' education. Check out the exciting reaction of each of these people in the video below - you can enable subtitle translation in the bottom right corner of the video.