Amazing! Pepsi pranks on a London bus stop [video]

It's not just Coke that makes amazing commercials. The brand's biggest competitor, Pepsi, also understands the subject and draws attention in very creative ways. The video you will see next is a new Pepsi campaign that ran in London, England.

The idea is basically to play with the concepts of unbelievability and bring some of our biggest fears to reality. Alien ships, monsters coming out of manholes, and wildlife have been chosen to make some people scared. The idea is that unbelievable is also the flavor of the soda, which has no sugar.

It all happened at a bus stop, where a screen and some cameras were installed to give the idea that it was all one thing. To understand what we're talking about, check out the video below and then tell us what you think of the idea. What would be your reaction to some of the situations proposed in the campaign? Tell us!