Indian hasn't washed his hair in 40 years and calls dreads 'blessing'

Neither wash, let alone comb or cut. Indian Mas Sakal, 63, has not taken care of his hair for 40 years and still believes that the dreads his hair has turned into are true "blessings from God."

But he lives in Munger District, India, and is called Mahatma Ji, as a way of respect, by other locals. The man says he stopped cutting his hair, drinking and smoking after receiving a message from God asking him to do so as a form of devotion.

(Source: Barcroft / Reproduction)

World famous for his huge hair, Mahatma is well respected and considered a healer by his neighbors, and is usually sought by couples who have no children for whom he prepares fertility treatments.

But don't think that Mahatma Ji doesn't care for your hygiene, no! Because his hair is so long, he ties it all in a white cloth over his head, so that the locks don't drag on the floor and get dirty as he walks down the street.

(Source: Barcroft / Reproduction)

But Sakal also assures that neither he or his wife has problems with hair length, which is his "blessing."

Despite the giant hair, but does not have the largest in the world. The record is with the American Asha Mandela, with incredible 34 meters of dreads, in 2018.