Japan innovates in creating different watermelon formats

You probably already know that there is a place in the world called Japan that produces some disturbing oddities, and in that sense it is logical that if anyone comments to you about square watermelon, it will be from the land of people with drawn eyes that you will remember, right?

But if you think square watermelons were all that the Japanese wanted to change in this kind of fruit, you are very much mistaken: square watermelons in Japan, it seems, are already a thing of the past - even though there are people from other countries willing. to shell out $ 800 for a copy of this Japanese fruit model.

Watermelons are very common in Japan during the summer - even more so than here in Brazil - and there is even the custom of giving friends and family with this fruit, and playing suikawari, when several people try to explode with showers. A watermelon hanging on a rope.

There, a normal watermelon costs little, but there are also those considered deluxe, which most people do not actually buy. In these cases, we are talking about producers that take years to get the fruits to grow in the expected format, so they are rare and supercars.

Here are some bizarre variations on this fruit that seems to be preferred in the Land of the Rising Sun when it comes to modeling.

1 - The “traditional” square watermelon

Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

These fruits are more easily found and can be bought for $ 12 or even $ 125 - it depends on your luck.

2 - Egg of Godzilla

Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

Yes, this watermelon was created with that intention. The fruit, which has become huge, comes in a special box. The format is not that different, so prices are “low” and range from $ 68 to $ 150.

3 - Much love

Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

This heart-shaped fruit is the result of three years of trying: the small version costs $ 200 and the large $ 350.

4 - Dynamite

Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

The so-called dynamite watermelon is packed to look like a bomb. It costs $ 70.

5 - Pyramid

Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

If you can shell out $ 500, you can take this weird watermelon home.

6 - The owner's face

Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

Beside the square watermelon you see the jinmen suika, which is nothing more than a watermelon made to resemble a human face. It costs more than $ 500 - up to $ 1, 000. So, what do you think about this watermelon craze?