Japan innovates when it comes to selling bras

What to expect from Japan? Anything? All? Or a soda-type bra machine that works after you deposit a few pennies? If you are in Tokyo, you can take advantage of this service and purchase the “Fun fun week” model, brand Une Nana Cool.

The machine allows the buyer to choose models, colors and sizes of the product, which costs the equivalent of $ 30. Once selected, simply enter the money and wait for the bra to "fall off." According to the brand manager, the novelty allows customers to have faster access to the product and the shy on duty need not tell their measurements to store sellers.


Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

Despite the advantages cited by the manufacturer, some consumers still think the idea is too strange, as they would be buying a product without trying it and, according to some, it might be embarrassing to buy underwear in superpublic places. Some also argue that the idea is good for men who like to wear women's lingerie. It will be?

The bra vending machine will be available until the end of September, as it seems that this is just a test phase. What did you think of this idea? Would it work here? Would you buy underwear on this kind of machine? Be sure to tell us that.