Japanese pays actor for 10 years to impersonate her daughter's father

Parental abandonment is one of the biggest problems facing women worldwide. Just an unexpected pregnancy appears for many men to drink vanishing tea. In such cases, the single mother ends up having to bear the whole upbringing of the child alone. And this not only causes potential financial problems for the mother, but also psychological trauma for the children.

For the Japanese Asako, who did not have the last name, this would not happen: her daughter would grow up believing that her father never abandoned her. The man disappeared as soon as she was born, and as a young girl the girl began to ask for him. As time went on, the child began to have behavioral problems and to go wrong at school, possibly due to the absence of his father.

It was then that Asako decided to hire an actor to impersonate the girl's father. This, unfortunately, would be a “good lie, ” but it has taken on huge proportions, as Asako has never belied the story, which has lasted more than 10 years. In Japan, renting a person has been a reality for some time, but it is usually done on very specific occasions.


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Actor Takashi, who had previously been a groom, boyfriend, and friend of other clients, thought the role of father would be just one more on his resume, but has not been able to shake it off so far. Asako told a dazzling story to her daughter, explaining that her father had left home and raised another family, but was willing to resume contact with her. The poor thing believed ...

The meetings took place every 15 days, and Takashi went to cinemas, parties and trips with his fake daughter. Quickly, the girl's behavior improved considerably. Her performance at school has also jumped, and Asako is pretty sure she's been doing the right thing by lying to her daughter for over 10 years.

For now, the Japanese woman fears what her daughter's reaction will be when she finds out the truth. The issue is quite controversial, since the girl always says she loves her father, who also reciprocates the words of affection - even though he is acting to say that. Another danger is that the real father appears, but Asako thinks this is very unlikely.


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And you, dear reader, what would you do in their place? Would you hire a fake dad? Would you accept to impersonate someone who is not for so long?


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