Japanese develops fart cannon to harass friends

Everyone has a friend capable of generating killer flatulence, right? So the next time the little pig decides to unleash all the “rage” he has accumulated inside you, suggest an idea for him to do it more efficiently and in a targeted way! After all, you know how the gases behave ... Once released, it is virtually impossible to control their direction and range!

Well, the bizarre "weapon" you will see next is by a Japanese boy - identified as FARu ARuFa - who decided to build a cannon to fire lethal and directed puns. Below you can check out what materials were needed, and give the idea to your friend to build his own smelly fart launcher:

Dear reader, the content you will see below is only part of a joke created by FARu ARuFA, and we at Mega Curioso recommend that you do not try to reproduce the cannon at home! Our intention is just to amuse you!

1 - Cardboard Box

And some tape to keep the box closed.

2 - Complicated Engineering

FARu ARuFA drilled a round hole in the middle of one side of the box for the air outlet.

3 - Efficiency Test

4 - Controversy

5 - Hose

6 - Watch out!

From here the construction of the cannon gets a little more complicated ... and restricted to the bravest. The Japanese used scissors to make a small cut in his "war uniform".

7 - Assembly

Well, as you saw in the image above, you need to position one end of the hose in a slightly uncomfortable location, and the other end goes into the box.

8 - Test drive with volunteer

9 - Potential Target

10 - Prepare ...

11 - Point ...

12 - Pum!

13 - Ratatatata ...

As you have seen, the cannon also offers the option of being used as a machine gun.